Caring For Your Invisalign Braces: Dos And Don’ts

Long gone are the days where wearing braces was associated with ugly metal wiring that was guaranteed to make you a bullying target. Nowadays braces are smaller, look better and come in a variety of colors. A new type of braces has emerged and it’s known as invisalign braces. These are braces that are invisible, and no one, except yourself will know that you are wearing them.

So have you recently got yourself a brand new set of invisalign braces and have no idea how to care for them? Your dentist may have already given you a list of things you should do with them. Below are dos and don’ts on how to care for your invisalign braces:


  • Do eat normally. Metal braces affect your lifestyle because you will be limited in the kind of food you can eat. This is because foods tend to get stuck in between the metal brackets. With invisalign, you are free to eat whatever you’d like be it sticky foods, acidic foods, hard candy popcorn or chewing gum. You are only advised to brush your teeth afterwards and wear your braces immediately in order to optimize your results.
  • If you have a million dollar smile, you can keep it! You don’t have to worry about hiding your smile because of unsightly braces clinging to your teeth. The beauty of invisalign braces is that no one will even notice that you are wearing them. Continue smiling and talking as usual without having to worry about how your braces look.
  • Clean them. Just because they are invisible does not mean that they cannot get dirty. You can soak your trays in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to kill bacteria and later a mixture of vinegar and water to remove plaque. If there is buildup use a soft brush to remove it.


  • You may not realize that you are wearing braces because they are invisible, but you should not forget to remove them when you eat. You are advised against wearing your invisalign braces when you eat as this will distort them, and you might end up needing to repair or replace them which will just be costly for you. Just before you’re about to eat, you can excuse yourself, remove your braces and store them in a clean container. After the meal, brush your teeth and put your braces back on.
  • Just because they are invisible does not meant that they cannot get stained. You do not want to be seen walking around with stained invisalign braces. Because the braces may not be visible, people may begin to question your oral hygiene. You can prevent your braces from becoming stained by ensuring you clean and floss your teeth properly. Make sure there are no food remains in between your teeth as these can cause staining.
  • Handle your aligners with care. The very fact that they are removable means you will be handling them a lot, just make sure you do so gently as they can crack or break.